Twilight Fanfiction Recs: Bus Stop By Edward’s Eternal

busstopeeV3_2 BlackBorder

Bus Stop By Edward’s Eternal


It’s Bella’s birthday. A badly fitted skirt, a cocky passenger and some unwanted help make this a bus ride, and a day she never expected.

We return to another story by one of my favourite authors, ‘Bus Stop’. 
As usual, as soon a new chapter comes out, I read!

A story of Bella, who meets her new boss, Edward, at a Bus Stop, unbeknownst to her. Their attraction is instant and their first encounter here is so funny.

I love that Edward’s Eternal coupled them up quickly and didn’t drag it out. Edward claims Bella as his straight away. He tells Bella he lacks experience in the ‘relationship’ department and claims not to be good at affection. Yet, as the story progresses, we see that he easily does so without effort.

Edward is so sensual and the passion between the two is written so well by the author.

 The story is soon on its way to being complete, so not long to go if you prefer to only read completed stories.


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