Twilight FanFiction Rec Thursday : Hot Tree Guy by dontlookdontask

Happy Thursday everyone!


The weekend is almost here, which allows time for everyone to put up their feet, relax and read some Twilight Fanfiction. For those who celebrate Christmas I’m sure they’ll be busy, but they can always read afterwards.


 With that said, I’m hoping to introduce a new segment, “Twi FF Rec Thursdays”. Basically, I shall be posting my recommendations of a Twilight Fanfiction that I think you should give a try. I am aiming to post at least once a month. The reason why only once a month is because I aim to create the banners (not official banners), just me creating and trying out my creativity.


So the fanfic that I’m recommending today has been recommended quite a lot recently. I was intending to post this a couple of months ago but I just couldn’t get the banner right. I was finally able to complete it this week, I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to get it done before Christmas. After my recommendation below, there is a mini review, like I have done in the past.

Once again, these aren’t official banners, unless I’ve stated otherwise.


Hot Tree Guy by dontlookdontask

Bella has a tiny apartment, a dwindling savings fund, and a giant dog. All she wants is a nice little Christmas tree. A/H, canon couples.

By the title, I can already guess readers would think that this story would be a happy – lovey dovey fic. Although it is a sweet Christmas fic, there is more depth to the story than the title suggests. Without reading the story you would never guess the issues that the characters face. But don’t be put off by that, it also has many of those feel-good moments and sweet scenes. So if you want a Christmas Fic that also includes realistic situations, give this fic a go. 

See you next time,



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