Manip Monday – 26.12.16

  Happy Monday Everyone!


It’s the last Monday of the year. It’s almost 2017!

I hope everyone had a good day yesterday whether you were celebrating or relaxing. Here in the UK it’s boxing day. A lot of people I know are out catching all those deals. Happy Shopping for those who are.


So sad to hear that George Michael has passed away.We are not happy, 2016. There’s six days left, here’s praying and hoping that there’s no more bad news.

not happy.gif

With yesterday being Christmas and me, having no patience for waiting to post this next year, I decided to try and tackle the manips I was struggling with.

So, in the first one I wasn’t happy with Bella/Kristen’s face, but hoping now that this is passable.

In the second one I was struggling with Edward/Rob’s face. I think it might have been the base’s face size proportion. It just didn’t match at all and would look weird. I might try to fix them up again, but I’ll probably target it for next year. I also created a few variations, so here they are:

Until next time,

M- Sparkle




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