Contest Results – Banner

Hello Everyone!

So this wasn’t a planned post but I decided to after receiving the results of a contest that I entered at the start of the month. The contest is called the Jingle All The Way Contest. It was a great contest for the Christmas/Winter period and hope more people join next year. Have look and see all the great submissions.

I also wanted to mention that I am really devastated to hear that Carrie Fisher has passed away. I was hoping she would make it after she was said to be stable. And we’re hearing this news after George Michael passed away yesterday.
RIP Carrie Fisher

So the results were for the banner I had submitted were:

2nd Place Judges Vote and 3rd Place Public Vote

And Clo Rodeffer made these lovely banner for the winners.

Below I have put the banner that I submitted.


Here are also variations of he same banner that I had created but didn’t submit.

And finally, I created another banner that I did not submit, based on another prompt.

 I’m so indecisive.


If anyone would like to adopt the banners, just contact me/PM if you would and we can talk about it. I’m also willing to make a couple of modifications if you would like to adopt it any.





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