What I Read This Week – 11.06.17

Love’s Little Book by littlestar300
Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6344201/1/Love-s-Little-Book

Status: Complete

Summary: Bella’s looking for a fresh start and one day it comes to her in the form of a flyer about the Boston Book Exchange. Can she help the reclusive owner Edward Cullen into the land of the living, and can he help her make the changes she needs in her life.

Mini Review:
So, this first one is a popular fic (I think) but it was written in 2010. It’s such a cute story, the reason why I say cute is because Edward is so adorable in this. I just want to eat him up. He’s the shy one in and Bella is more outgoing than he is. Bella volunteers at his bookshop, trying to change her life. Readers will see their relationship grow from friendship into more. I think that’s what I like most, that there’s a solid friendship before anything else.

Complicated by LyricalKris
Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8615680/1/Complicated

Status: Complete

Summary: High school relationships are always more complicated than they should be. Usually, those complications are made up of the drama that is teenage life. Sometimes… it’s really complicated. Edward and Bella were already there before the surprise of their young lives threw them into a life they weren’t remotely prepared for.

Mini Review:
From a veteran author and one of my favourites, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I missed this fic and had a new (to me) fic to read. It delves straight into the story with teenage Bella giving birth with the help of Edward. If you’re not already hooked from this first chapter, I’d be surprised as I just had to find out what else was to come. 2nd chapter: Edward says he’s not the father! With Bella and Edward being only friends, and Edward having a girlfriend, this fic shows how everything really is complicated. But fear not those who will shy away from this fic because Edward has a girlfriend, trust me, it’s worth reading and it is a B/E story.

Welcome To Evening Shade by samekraemer.

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9076757/1/Welcome-to-Evening-Shade

Status: Complete

Summary: Evening Shade was no different than any other small town in middle America. The biggest problem Mayor Edward Cullen was faced with was the placement of a stoplight and the fact the town didn’t have reliable satellite service because of the weather. That was, until she sped into town. That was when everything changed.

Mini Review:
I love fics that are focused on small town life. I loved reading this story which revolves around Bella and Edward. Bella is the chief’s daughter who comes to the small town of Evening Shade. Bella and Charlie’s relationship is very rocky as Renee took Bella away from when she was very young. So Bella who is trying to rebuild her relationship with her father, comes to evening shade and meets the town folk including the mayor, Edward Cullen. It’s a story of Bella falling in love with Edward and the town, and as always vice versa.


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