What I Read This Week – 25.06.17

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I hope you had a good week and I’m back to share some more fics with you.

sunday reading

I also hope you’re enjoying these fic recs, so here they are:

Vicious by illarione
Status: Complete

Summary: She was kidnapped to be given to the most dangerous killing machine in the world as an additional reward of his successful mission.
Mini Review:
I’m more than half way through this one. So far though, it’s not a bad plot line. Those who avoid stories because of grammatical errors, don’t read this one. It’s not that bad, but those who seriously can’t handle it, I’d avoid it. Also, there are some instances in this story that are repetitive when it comes to Bella and Edward’s relationship. You kind of want to scream, “we’ve been through this before”. However, you can say that it reflects the Edward in the original Twilight.

I Love Mr North by walkingwithgiants
Link: P2P (Pulled to Publish)

Summary: “My name is Bella Swan and I like porno.”

Mini Review:
When I first saw the summary, I didn’t know what the story would be about. I thought at first maybe it would have to do with Bella being addicted to porn. But no, that’s not what happens in the fic at all. Rosalie takes Bella to a porn convention where Bella meets Edward. She thinks he’s someone who has been dragged to the convention too. But there’s more to Edward than Bella sees, but not for long…

Birmingham by ThisIsReallyHappening
Status: Complete

Summary: I loved her, even when she didn’t know love was possible. Most folks don’t see the beauty in that, but if they saw what I felt, maybe the world would be a little less blind. ExB. Rated M.

Mini Review:
ThisIsReallyHappening is one of those authors that I love and reread all their fics all the time. I absolutely love Birmingham, it’s not your typical fanfiction. It explores an era where new born mix-raced children were killed by society. Edward, a mix-raced child is hidden away by his white mother, Esme, who had been shunned for marrying Carlisle, a black man.
It will make you experience all sorts of emotions and shows you the reality of that era.

Breaker Baby by ThisIsReallyHappening
Status: Complete

Mama said she wanted someone noble, upright, and godly for me. I just wanted him. Somewhere along the way, I found out what I wanted wasn’t always what I needed.

Mini Review:
Another great fic from ThisIsReallyHappening. I always love fics that are centred on small town life, but this isn’t the same small-town fic you always read. We start the story with Bella’s crazy but humorous family. At the courthouse, the whole town attends the introduction to the new sheriff, Edward Cullen. For Bella, although in denial, you can see she’s attracted and instantly interested in the new young sheriff. Through the story we see Bella and Edward’s relationship move forward but there’s also a lot of secrets that this sheriff holds.


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