Manip Monday – 06.02.17

Happy Monday Everyone!


So, it’s not a happy Monday for me.

My Facebook account isn’t available at the moment. I’ll let you guys know if I change it or not.

If anyone from my Facebook friends see this, please let everyone know I didn’t abandon the fandom. I think someone reported my account, drama and all that.


I’ve had a few Facebook artist friends have the same issue. I can’t believe someone would do this.



So, it’s February, the month of looooooove!


I’m planning on keeping with that theme, but focusing on Rom Com movies.

This week I have Alice/Ashley and Jasper/Jackson in the movie Leap Year.
I was working on others as well but I’ve been trying to deal with this Facebook Issue. So I’ll post additional manip next week.





Twilight FanFiction Rec Thursday : The Last One by ericastwilight

Happy February People!


So, I know I promised this to be a monthly thing, and I swear I was going to post one last month. I have a banner I want to share but I’ll let the author publish it first. The one I’m posting now was supposed to be the replacement but I didn’t get to finish it until now.

Ok, enough with the explanations.



This week I’ll be rec’ing:


The Last One by ericastwilight

Summary: It’s the hottest book of the season, every kid wants it. When two people who often clash at work go head-to-head for the last one on the shelf, who will come up the winner? A holiday fic written from a Pay it Forward prompt and for my Secret Santa last year, thank you again.

She first started posting this December 25th and the story is up to 19 chapters. The fic is still a work in progress, for those who would like to know and wait until it’s complete. It was a great story for the Christmas festiveness and is one of those fics that  I can’t wait for the next chapter update.

A small summary from me, spoilers ahead:

Bella gets a job to work as Edward’s temporary personal assistant (or so she thinks). The UST is so apparent through their banter and you just want someone to give in. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait too long. Bella is also a mom but divorced from her ex. Edward is an uncle. Thus, when the newest book that both kids want is selling like crazy, both end up grabbing the last one.

I’ll leave the mini summary up to here, so you can go read it for yourself and find out what happens.

It’s a great romantic and festive story, with humour thrown in there too.

Happy Reading!



Manip Monday -30.01.17

Happy Monday Everyone!

Can you believe it’s the last Monday of January?
It feels like we just started 2017!

Next week, I’ll start a new theme to my manips, so there’s that to look forward to.
Even though we’ll still be in winter, I’ll give you guys something new.

I also said I would recommend a fanfic at least once a month.
I’ll post something this week to explain, with something new in mind also.

On with the manips…

Winter Bella!



Manip Monday – 23.01.17

Happy Monday Everyone!
It’s been an eventful couple of days across the world and I’m sure today isn’t going to be a ‘happy’ day. I’m sure everyone is feeling like this….


Here’s hoping I can at least brighten it a little with my manip mondays.


In fandom news…
The winners for the TwiFic Fandom Awards have been announced.
You can check the in the link below:

Congratulations to all the winners!
And a big thank you to Iris (Mariah Hajile) for organising everything and dedicating so much time to this.
To all the judges, banner and blinkie makers and those who helped put it all together,
thank you!


On with manips.

Today I shall show be showing Alice and Jasper.
Still keeping with the theme of winter, I found Jasper’s image first and then went on the hunt for a similar image for Alice.


I’ll hopefully have some more content this week.
So until next time…



Manip Monday – 16.01.17

Happy Monday Everyone!
We’re halfway through January! Where did time go?


I was finally able to watch Rogue One this weekend. It’s been a long time coming and it was so good.


On with the creations….

For this week’s manip, I’ve expanded into creating manips using other Cullen members. This week it’s Emmett and Rosalie.

I’ve gone for warmer tones for winter for this week.





Manip Monday – 09.01.17

It’s Monday!


Everyone’s back to work and school, back to regular life.
But don’t worry, Manip Monday is here to brighten up your day!

Another week into January and another week into the magical, snowy winter theme.


This week I made two manips. Bella and Renesmee in pink gloves and mittens.
I decided to start exploring more than just Bella and Edward, so I thought it would be great to make sweet Renesmee.




Thank you to my new subscribers and
if you haven’t subscribed yet, don’t hesitate to so.

See you soon,


Manip Monday – 02.07.17

Happy Monday Everyone!


I hope everyone had a good new year. Here’s hoping to a better year than 2016.


This month I’ll be mainly focusing on a winter theme. It’s my favourite season. I love the snow and I’m probably one of the few that enjoys the cold.


The first manip I have, is a manip I created for the banner I submitted in the Jingle All The Way Christmas Contest. The second manip is just a manip I created for the winter theme.




Contest Results – Banner

Hello Everyone!

So this wasn’t a planned post but I decided to after receiving the results of a contest that I entered at the start of the month. The contest is called the Jingle All The Way Contest. It was a great contest for the Christmas/Winter period and hope more people join next year. Have look and see all the great submissions.

I also wanted to mention that I am really devastated to hear that Carrie Fisher has passed away. I was hoping she would make it after she was said to be stable. And we’re hearing this news after George Michael passed away yesterday.
RIP Carrie Fisher

So the results were for the banner I had submitted were:

2nd Place Judges Vote and 3rd Place Public Vote

And Clo Rodeffer made these lovely banner for the winners.

Below I have put the banner that I submitted.


Here are also variations of he same banner that I had created but didn’t submit.

And finally, I created another banner that I did not submit, based on another prompt.

 I’m so indecisive.


If anyone would like to adopt the banners, just contact me/PM if you would and we can talk about it. I’m also willing to make a couple of modifications if you would like to adopt it any.




Manip Monday – 26.12.16

  Happy Monday Everyone!


It’s the last Monday of the year. It’s almost 2017!

I hope everyone had a good day yesterday whether you were celebrating or relaxing. Here in the UK it’s boxing day. A lot of people I know are out catching all those deals. Happy Shopping for those who are.


So sad to hear that George Michael has passed away.We are not happy, 2016. There’s six days left, here’s praying and hoping that there’s no more bad news.

not happy.gif

With yesterday being Christmas and me, having no patience for waiting to post this next year, I decided to try and tackle the manips I was struggling with.

So, in the first one I wasn’t happy with Bella/Kristen’s face, but hoping now that this is passable.

In the second one I was struggling with Edward/Rob’s face. I think it might have been the base’s face size proportion. It just didn’t match at all and would look weird. I might try to fix them up again, but I’ll probably target it for next year. I also created a few variations, so here they are:

Until next time,

M- Sparkle